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BWB: Step Back, Come Back, & Elon's Trip

BWB: Step Back, Come Back, & Elon's Trip

May 03, 2024

Samsung overtakes Apple in market share

It has been a tough couple of months for Apple and the losses seem to be piling on. After finishing a great year in 2023, it seems like Apple hasn’t been quite able to get its footing in 2024. 

So far this year they have shown decreasing sales from this same period last year. They have also shown some troubles in one of its biggest markets, China, as the Chinese government has slowly limited the use of iPhones for their government agencies. All the while foreign competition in the smartphone market has been ramping up. 

These developments and the fact that Apple has struggled to really make a big splash with its new iPhone models and Samsung has leaped them to have the biggest market share in the smartphone market. Apple did hold this title as of December 2023 but that has changed just four months into this year. Not that this is additional reason to panic for Apple, the smartphone market will always come with its own challenges and rising competition. But it may be the reason for Apple to re-evaluate some things. 

Pair all of this with a less than stellar launch of their new Apple Vision Pro and a lawsuit from the DOJ and we can start to see why it's been a slow start to the year. 

Elon takes a trip to China 

What was originally a tough month of April for Tesla completely turned around once Elon Musk took a visit to China. 

Reason being, he was able to land approval to launch Tesla’s self-driving system in China. Of course, the approval is tentative but it is still a massive win for Tesla in a country that has proven to be very difficult to launch and operate foreign technology there. 

However, it seems like Tesla is checking off all the right boxes as it also agreed to work with the Chinese company Baidu to help with mapping and navigating for its self-driving technology. 

The ability to launch this technology could be a huge revenue stream for Tesla. Additionally, with the Tesla robotaxi coming later this summer, this could prove to be a pivotal couple months for the company. 

Vine might make a come back

We have talked at length over the US Government’s issue with TikTok. And with seemingly the government looking to move forward in attempting to ban TikTok if need be, there will be a bunch of attention that is up for grabs that TikTok will leave behind. 

Enter Vine. Again. Vine took social media by storm back in 2013 and 2014 with a new take on social media, six second long videos. Amassing a huge user base quickly as people flocked to the app. However, Vine was a little before its time and refused to change. So back in 2017, Twitter shut down Vine as they were the owners of the App. 

Since then? Elon Musk bought Twitter, rebranded it to X, and in that acquisition also purchased Vine. So Elon holds the keys to Vine’s return. In a recent post on X, Elon held a poll if people would like to see Vine return and a large majority said yes. 

If TikTok is to be banned, and Vine can pick up right where it left off, then we are potentially looking at a massive change in the social media world. 

Grocery carts are your next smart device 

First you had to actually have someone scan your groceries for you. Then, self checkout came along. Now, your cart will do the scan and payment for you. 

All made possible by Amazon’s Dash Cart. The cart itself has a scanner built in that allows for the customer to scan their items as they go. From there, the customer can also pay using that same built in scanner and be able to skip the checkout line. 

Amazon originally tried to implement a pick up and go type of checkout where someone could walk into one of their stores, pick something up and simply leave and would still get charged for that. But that proves to have its own issues. In a pivot, for bigger stores, Amazon has created the Dash Cart technology. This was originally put into practice in 2020 on a small scale and since then Amazon has ramped it up in more of its stores. Now the plan is to start to sell it to other grocery stores as well so they can utilize the technology and make their store more efficient. 

Not only do we use Amazon for practically all shopping online. It sounds like over time we will now use their carts to go grocery shopping as well.