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Our Story 

Wealth Management Services was founded in 1996 by Tom, a couple years later he then partnered with Jeff, and the two of them brought on Beth in the next couple months after that. By 2000, the core of the company were all here working together and have been ever since. We moved to Hershey in the early 2000s where we continued our long, and proven history of helping clients achieve their goals through holistic financial planning, a defined and transparent strategy, and always being available to those clients who have decided to be a part of the story along the way and for years to come. We have worked with thousands of great people, in all stages of life, and there's nothing we haven't seen in that time as we have evolved and grown with our clients. Fast forward to late 2019, we brought on two additional advisors, Kerin Foley and Eddie Thomas. They came on knowing and striving to make the next 25 years just as good as the first 25 for our current and future clients. We are looking forward to staying around for a while and helping a lot of great people along the way.

What We Do

As a complete and holistic financial planner practice, our roles and abilities can adapt depending on your specific situation. What we see most is, planning for retirement, managing assets and cash flow in retirement, establishing traditional investing accounts and strategy, saving for education, and establishing insurance policies. By no means is this what we are limited to in our capacity to help you, so if there is something you need, just ask. If we can help, we absolutely will. If we can't, we have the resources to point you in the right direction to help you out. 

With saying that, our mindset and theme stays the same throughout. We use the assets we have gathered and will gather in the future as tools. Tools for you to create and enjoy the life you want to. To create memories and stories with the ones you love. It's great to have a substantial amount of assets, but it's about using these in the most effective way possible to get the most out of them in your life. 

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