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Breaking it down 

We know that reaching out to an advisor and initiating that conversation is entering into the unknown for some. To break away from that unknown and to shed some light onto what to expect, below is a breakdown of how our process usually goes. It's typically a three step process, broken down into four phases, if you decide to become a client. Each step along the way serving a specific purpose. 

Discovery of current and desired situation

We are interested in where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go because all of those are important for knowing exactly who you are and how to help to reach your goals. 

Data Gathering 

For us to get a complete picture, data gathering is necessary. Any account statements, whether that be outside investing accounts, retirement accounts, annuities, social security statements, you name it, they are all helpful in putting together a complete picture. 

Planning and strategy development 

After the discovery and data gathering, we get to work on the planning and strategy part of the process. We take some time, put together all of the pieces of the puzzle, and come back to you with a holistic plan that we make sure to tailor to each of your needs. 


After we present the plan and strategy, and it is something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, we work and start implementing the plan to reach your goals. 

                                                      Documents and information you can bring 

It is not required by any means, but if you're looking to bring in some paperwork you have and are not sure what may be needed, below is a list of potential documents and information you can bring that may help in the planning process. 

  • Retirement account statements
  • Outside brokerage account statements 
  • Mortgage statements
  • Yearly income and expense estimates
  • Social security estimates

If there is anything additional you think may be valuable to give us a complete picture we of course encourage you to bring it in. 

Feel free to reach out!

Thank you!