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Make Saving and Investing Easy

March 25, 2024

There should be a huge emphasis on measurable goals and direction when we talk about what we want to achieve. Especially when talking about goals we have over decades to work on. 

We all know what it feels like to set a goal and not deliver on it. Whether it is a personal finance goal, a fitness goal, a diet goal, or whatever it may be. We have all set a goal and in turn have not completed what we wanted to, or maybe didn’t complete the task to the level we wanted to. And when we ask ourselves why, there can be a million reasons that pop up. However, I’m willing to venture that one thing remains true no matter what our core reason is, and that is we didn’t set up measurable goals that gave us a solid direction. 

We all look at the end goal. “I want to save a million dollars”, “I want to lose 50 pounds”, “I want to only eat chicken, rice, and vegetables forever”. And once we set that goal, we feel motivated for about a week then it fizzles out. This is mostly because the goal is too big, it’s a great goal, but it takes too long to be excited about it unless we have an unbelievable amount of self-discipline. 

But, self-discipline is hard to come by in a world of distraction. 

This is all the more present in personal finance. Think about saving for retirement. If you are 30 now, you  have decades to go. And if you are closer to retirement now, put yourself back in that 30 year old mindset. Decades is an incredibly long time, and the goal is too vague on how you’ll get there, so you lose motivation and clarity along the way. Plus life happens and you don’t think about it and all the sudden that decades to go turns into 5 years.

So let’s just make those decades much easier.

This is where we set smaller measurable goals. Make every small only weeks out. And make the goals very very small. If you want to save $1,000 dollars by the end of the year, start by saving $10 for the week and see how that felt. If you can achieve it, perfect, you have that reward and a reason to keep growing and moving forward. Now just do it again and again and grow that goal to $20 then $30 and keep moving forward.

If it is something like saving for retirement, make your target number as to what you want to see in retirement savings at any age and build from there. We want $1,000,000 by 65? Great, well let’s start with $1,000 for the month saved and invested and see how you feel. Or even do $1,000 in three months. Achieve that, and then we build from there. 

It’ll make the end goal seem much more obtainable.

The big goals are important and ultimately achieving that goal is going to be incredibly rewarding. However, you need little wins along the way to keep you moving. 

Making your goals measurable and giving yourself really good direction every step of the way breaks down that monster goal into bite size pieces that will ultimately change how you see that goal. Then you’ll change how you act on a day to day basis that is more in line with how you need to act in order to achieve that goal. 

So be big in your end goal, but make the goals until then so small and in the blink of an eye you’ll achieve that end goal with a thousand little wins along the way to prove it.