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Eddie Thomas

I help create, implement, and maintain strategy for personal finance and investing. This can range from a general investing account, planning and saving at any stage of life, or mapping out a retirement strategy.

Coming from a hard working middle class family, I’ve seen how finance plays a role in all parts of life. Through seeing this in my own life and others, I developed a really strong desire to help those that are in need or want financial advice and help. I know everyone is different, and there is never going to be just one approach to helping people, and that is why I love what I do for the people I'm lucky enough to work with. I enjoy having the ability to sit down, talk and connect with people on a personal level outside of finance, but the fact that I have the ability to give them peace of mind and the comfort in knowing there’s a plan around their finances, and that they are taken care of makes my position and what I do that much better.

Personally, I’m an avid sports fan, specifically the Pirates, Penguins, and Chiefs and someone who is trying my best to improve my golf game which is coming very slowly.

My Podcast: Life, Finance, & The InBetween

My YouTube: Eddie Thomas

Feel free to text me as well! Text Number: 717-500-1762